Boudoir, Street and Portfolio photography

not sexuality, but about aesthetic andbeauty

For me, boudoir photography is about female beauty, it’s about how to show it, because everyone has it, even if you don’t see it right away…


What is a photo shoot like?

From studio locations, hotel rooms, apartments, to the almost completely ordinary street situations, we deal with photography. Photography itself is not always about a professional studio, professional make-up and perfect lighting. That’s not what makes something “real”! Here we are not shooting for the magazines, we just want to do it for ourselves, that’s what we offer high quality in a wonderful environment.

My service is more focused on everyday situations, on women.

Some people come for a photo session because they want a gift for their wedding anniversary, birthday, valentine’s day.

Some people come because they are divorced and want to capture their present self, sometimes these situations are traumatic and to get closure they need a place where they feel safe, where they can be the centre of attention. The end result is some amazing photos that show how beautiful our lives and ourselves are!

A photo shoot is one of the best confidence boosters. In today’s world, so many women see perfection on the social media, on TV and almost everywhere else. Even my shy clients are surprised to see how pretty they can be, a few well-chosen poses, smiles, facial expressions and a whole new, pretty and confident woman appears in front of me.

But of course, you don’t need a specific reason for everything, it’s still the perfect choice if you just want to have a photo session!

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Jan Masters

boudoir photography

The main aspect is the representation of feminine beauty, captured moments, small details, stunning radiance, but never pornographic

Portfolio photography

Beautiful, lightly made-up faces, elegant outfits, perfect lighting for the best results

Street photography

A simple city walk or a dinner? It can be a great opportunity to take pleasant pictures of your everyday life


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